Upcoming Events

See where JFA is working and when.  Look further down the page for recent events and a link to more past events.

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Recent Events

  • West Lafayette, IN: September 4 - Interactive Workshop - St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
  • West Lafayette, IN: September 5&6 - Large Format "Stop and Think" Exhibit Outreach - Purdue University
  • Radio Interview: September 14 - Steve Wagner - Click here to listen to the recording - Interview is introduced just after minute 13:00 - Living the Gospel of Life radio show
  • Radio Interview:  September 22 - Steve Wagner (also featuring JFA volunteer, Ashley Burns) - Click here to listen to the recording - (Interview with Steve begins just before minute 6:00;  Hear Ashley share at minute 26:00.) - Rediscover: Hour on Relevant Radio 1330AM
  • Lawrence, KS: September 24 - Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue Interactive Seminar - St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center
  • Chanhassen, MN: September 30 - Interactive Workshop - St. Hubert Catholic Church - 124 attended 
  • Minneapolis, MN: October 1 - Interactive Workshop - University of Minnesota
  • Minneapolis, MN: October 2&3 - Outreach Event - University of Minnesota (UMN)

Past Events - Lists and Photos

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