Catherine Wurts

Catherine Wurts leads Justice For All’s Trainer Certification Program, strengthening JFA’s team of speakers and mentors with her gifts of encouragement and gentle critique. Before coming on staff with JFA in 2009, Catherine worked as an educational sign language interpreter for six years in California.  As she did then, Catherine continues to cherish opportunities to work with high school students. She especially enjoys watching the way that JFA training helps these young people transform from being scared to talk about abortion into being bold and gracious ambassadors for truth.

Originally, when Catherine first visited a JFA outreach event, she intended to not talk to anyone. But after a couple of hours of listening in on conversations, she saw students’ wheels turning simply because JFA staff and volunteers were asking them questions. She finally got up the courage to ask someone what he thought and ended up having ten conversations that day! Catherine is a great example for new volunteers that those who naturally shy away from confrontation can in fact create heart-changing dialogue on abortion. She’s shared her contagious joy and genuine empathy with JFA volunteers and pro-choice students alike at over 30 college and university campuses around the nation.

Catherine is very involved in her parish community, where she works with the youth group and helps provide direct assistance to those in poverty through the Society of Saint Vincent DePaul. Having spent four years of her childhood in Japan, Catherine developed a love for travel and adventure early on. She smiles from ear to ear when outdoors hiking or kayaking and jumps at any opportunity to gather a bunch of friends at her home to feed them. 

One of the most important things I’ve learned through my work with JFA is to delight in others as God delights in them. This is tied so intimately to an understanding of how we are all created in His image. It’s taught me to understand better how God delights in me.
— Catherine Wurts

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