The Justice For All Exhibit, consisting of fifteen panels, is presented in different forms.  You may have seen it as an 18-foot outdoor exhibit, or as an 8-foot outdoor exhibit, or as a 9-inch take-it-anywhere brochure.  JFA trains volunteers to use this material to create dialogue by asking questions with an open heart, listening to understand, and finding common ground.  For more information on how Justice For All balances truth with love, why JFA uses graphic visuals of abortion, and the effect of graphic visuals on people who see them, visit WHAT: Love and Truth

Abortion Photo Verification

Justice For All uses abortion photos from the image library of the Center for Bioethical Reform (CBR).  See CBR’s documentation for the abortion photos on the Justice For All Exhibit.

Virtual Exhibit

Click here to see the Virtual Exhibit. (Warning: Extremely Graphic)