CK Wisner

Note: This is an archive page related to CK Wisner's work with JFA.  CK served on JFA's staff from 2013 until 2016, and she intends to continue to volunteer with JFA in the future.
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As a training specialist with Justice For All since 2013, CK Wisner has created hundreds of conversations about abortion during more than 50 days of outreach on university campuses including the University of California at Los Angeles, Arizona State University, Wichita State University, and the University of Oklahoma.  She comes alive when she is able to share with someone in a caring way, yet still speak boldly and challenge them to know the truth, even if it’s unfashionable.  Whether its a large group she's addressing or a student she's mentoring one-to-one, people enjoy CK's personal anecdotes and good humor.

When CK attended a Justice For All presentation in 2011, she felt for the first time that she was equipped to do something about the injustice of abortion. Less than a year later, she was participating in an outreach at the University of Kansas by having productive conversations about abortion and listening to the stories of the students. She credits her ability to jump right into outreach conversations to the good training she had received from JFA and because she trusted God to provide whatever else she needed in the moment. That campus experience left her knowing she could never go back to being silent and that there are many hurting people who need to know they are loved.

CK loves deep and encouraging conversations over excellent coffee. She is thrilled when she can take some time to read good books, write letters and journal, hold babies, and play ultimate frisbee with her friends.

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I work with JFA to make abortion unthinkable because human beings are created in the image of God and should be protected. Through JFA I’m able to take a stand for the defenseless and reach out to those who are pro-choice with truth and love. I’ve always been passionately pro-life, but working with JFA has helped me to put action to my conviction.
— CK Wisner