“I’m Moving on from JFA: Please Consider Supporting JFA’s Intern Scholarship Fund.”

A Note from CK Wisner

UCLA, May 2016

JFA’s new interns, Grace (middle) and Clare (right), discuss abortion with a pre-med student at WSU about a week after starting their internship with JFA.

Thank you for supporting my work with JFA so faithfully.  God has done amazing things through our work together.  You can review some of what your support has meant at my newsletter archive page.

In terms of future giving, here’s something I’d like you to consider: I’m pleased that an idea I shared with JFA’s leadership awhile back has now borne fruit: two interns started in the JFA office in mid-August in a new program I suggested, in which JFA raises money to pay interns a salary to come work for JFA for a few months to learn more about JFA first-hand before they jump in with both feet and raise personal support.  The Intern Scholarship Fund is used to pay salaries to help these interns consider future work with JFA while becoming skilled at dialogue during our outreach events.  

Thanks for your encouragement of my work at JFA.  Please look at the options below and consider continuing to support the work of JFA by re-designating your gift to the Intern Scholarship Fund or to JFA’s area of greatest need.  Thank you!  - CK Wisner



Note: Due to JFA policy, unless you made specific arrangements regarding an end date when you initiated your automatic gift, it will continue unless you submit this form or discuss your preferences with Jon Wagner or Eva Heath (316-683-6426).  If you’ve already discussed your giving preferences with Jon, Steve, or Eva, please disregard this form.

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