UCLA, May 2016

"I'm Moving on from JFA: Please Consider Supporting JFA."

A Note from CK Wisner (with Links and Response Form Below)

Thank you for supporting my work with JFA so faithfully.  God has done amazing things through our work together.  You can review some of what your support has meant at my newsletter archive page.

I recently sent my final JFA newsletter, which includes a picture and story from our Colorado State University outreach in April.  You can read it here.  

In terms of future giving, below are two ideas I'd like you to consider:




I’m second from left in this picture from our 2015 outreach to the University of Georgia.  Jon Wagner, his wife, Corinn (a good friend of mine), and their daughter Clara are on the right.

Consider Supporting the Work of JFA Trainer Jon Wagner

My dear friends at JFA are carrying on the work of seeking to stop abortion and share the love of Jesus.  I’d like to recommend that you consider supporting the work of my friend Jon Wagner.  He’s one of the trainers at JFA, and he’s also married to my dear friend Corinn.  Jon helped me begin my work at JFA, and he has a passion for helping new people come to JFA to fill the void that I am leaving.  In addition, I love his passion for helping JFA work with local churches as they carry out their God-given role of loving unborn children and their parents.

To give your first or next gift to support Jon's JFA work, see JFA's Donate page.  It includes online giving options as well as instructions for mailing in a gift.

JFA’s new interns, Grace (middle) and Clare (right), discuss abortion with a pre-med student at WSU about a week after starting their internship with JFA.

Consider Supporting the Intern Scholarship Fund

I’m pleased that an idea I shared with JFA’s leadership awhile back has now borne fruit: two interns started in the JFA office in mid-August in a new program I suggested, in which JFA raises money to pay interns a salary to come work for JFA for a few months to learn more about JFA first-hand before they jump in with both feet and raise personal support.  The Intern Scholarship Fund is used to pay salaries to help these interns consider future work with JFA while becoming skilled at dialogue during our outreach events.  

To give your first or next gift to support the Intern Scholarship Fund, see JFA's Donate page.  It includes online giving options as well as instructions for mailing in a gift.

Or, get more information about the Intern Scholarship Fund here.


Thank you for all of your support and encouragement of my work over the years, and thanks for considering these suggestions!

- CK Wisner


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