Joanna Bai (Wagner)

Joanna Bai started volunteering with Justice For All at the age of 17.  A few years later, while studying sociology at Wheaton College, she felt burdened to motivate and equip fellow Christian students to defend the unborn.  In 2010, she was instrumental in reviving the Wheaton College Voice For Life club, providing training and volunteer opportunities to her peers.  Two years later, Joanna began working full-time with Justice For All.  Now a certified JFA speaker and mentor, Joanna leads the JFA team during many seminar and outreach events.  One of her favorite parts of the job is watching unlikely friendships unfold between people who strongly disagree. When not working, Joanna can be found making music with friends or singing in community choirs. She is currently attempting to learn Mandarin Chinese.

pictures of Joanna in action

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Just as I finished lunch I got to witness Joanna dialoguing... It was like watching a master artist at her best. It was amazing as she let out all stops, used every illustration and argument we had learned in training plus pulled out this illustration I’ve never heard about... and got him thinking about the pro-life position, got him considering Christianity, and then wrapped it all up with concern about his friend who was raped, wanting to make sure she was okay and giving him the number of some resources they could go to for support. It was like a pitcher throwing a perfect game.
— Richard (JFA volunteer from California)