Note: Jordan Newhouse served as a Justice For All Intern from 2014 to 2015, and she continues to serve as a volunteer for JFA.  This is an archive page which gives you a window into her work with JFA during her internship and beyond.  You can find out more about Jordan at her blog and at the site devoted to her new project

Jordan Newhouse

Jordan Newhouse has been actively pro-life since 2009, when she attended her first Justice For All seminar and outreach event. Not only has she conversed with hundreds of pro-choice advocates on university campuses and at other pro-life outreach events, but she tries to help everyone she comes in contact with - family, friends, and strangers alike - to see the value of tiny humans. When her brothers Daniel and Joshua were eight and seven years old respectively, they were learning about identical twins. Daniel was describing how the cells multiply and then split when Joshua broke in to say, "Not cells -humans!"

In 2014 Jordan moved to Kansas to join the JFA team as a training specialist. Although she was sad to leave behind her beloved sewing machine, she has found other creative outlets that help her to relax. If she isn't writing poetry or singing, she's likely creating hand-lettered artwork while her cat tries to steal her pens.

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In her own words...

Everyone loves a happy ending, but what makes a story beautiful is the path of conflict that leads to that happy ending. The difficulty and pain, wrong turns and detours, all shape the story and form the characters into the heroes and heroines who find satisfaction at the conclusion.

Everyone has a story, and when an estimated one in three women will have an abortion at some point in their life, abortion becomes a part of many peoples’ stories.

Since my first Justice For All outreach event in 2009, I have met many of these people. They’ve shared their stories with me:

Tears streamed down Paul’s face as he told me about the cousin and sibling that he would never meet because they had been aborted. I listened as he shared the painful circumstances that had led to those tragic decisions, as well as the devastation that had followed—especially in his aunt’s life.

Daniel and I talked about abortion in broad terms for a while, then he began to think about the issue on a more personal level. It was painfully beautiful to see Daniel’s emotions as he imagined the sister he loves going through such an experience. I hardly needed to say a word for him to realize the gravity of such a situation.

Afraid that a classmate would see her near JFA’s display and guess her secret, Leah asked if we could talk in a more private place. She told me that a few weeks prior she would have said, “I’d never have an abortion.” But faced now with a possible pregnancy, she confided in me that she wasn’t sure what fear might drive her to do.

They opened up their breaking hearts and let me in to their stories. The details of a story might be difficult, or even devastating, but not one of them is beyond redemption.

Three days later Leah texted me to tell me that she wasn’t pregnant after all and to thank me for the support I had shown to her. It said, in part, “For the first time I felt like I wasn’t alone… you made me [feel] like there’s a support group for me and I really appreciate it :)” {Read more of Leah's story here}

“Can I give you a hug?” Daniel asked me before we parted ways. “Thanks for taking so much time to talk with me today.” {Read more of Daniel's story here}

Often, I hear stories like Paul’s from bitter and broken people. This time was different, though. Paul was broken, yes, but he had also found healing. Tears still shining on his cheeks, he smiled as he talked about the family that had adopted him, the good news of God’s forgiveness that he had come to know, and the forgiveness that he, in turn, had been able to show to his birth mom and his aunt. Now it was my eyes that had tears in them. {Read more of Paul's story here.}

This is why I do what I do – to have the opportunity to be a part of stories like these. I am not immune to difficulty and pain, wrong turns and detours, yet they could not stand in the way of my God redeeming me. My prayer is that I might share my story of redemption with others, and that in hearing it, they might find that their story may be redeemed as well.

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