Just for SFLA Regional Coordinators

JFA is eager to partner with SFLA Regional Coordinators to train pro-life student clubs through our flagship training program (including large-scale and small-scale outreach), our speakers, and our online resources.  All of these are aimed at accomplishing our twin passions: creating thousands upon thousands of conversations with pro-choice advocates each year and equipping thousands of pro-life advocates to create those conversations, turning the debate about abortion into a dialogue.  (You can share our Guide for Pro-Life Students with clubs to help them understand these resources and more.)   

Training Program

  • JFA is eager to bring its training team and large-scale outreach event to college campuses.  The outreach event can be a catalyst to hundreds of conversations with pro-choice advocates on a campus in just two days.  We call our training program that includes an outreach event our "Flagship" because it includes what we consider to be the most important elements of our training program: mentors, Seat Work (seminar), and Feet Work (outreach).  JFA currently operates three large exhibits and a number of smaller exhibits.  Contact JFA for more information about large events by using this page.
  • JFA also sometimes will send a smaller training team to conduct a smaller version of our training program.  Use this page to request more information about this.
  • JFA's Flagship Training Program page gives more information. 



  • Each member of our training team is an experienced public speaker and is available to speak on campuses, at churches, or at conferences.  You can read the bios of each of our speakers by clicking on any of the pictures on JFA's "Our Team" page.  
  • Each speaker has hundreds of hours of experience creating dialogue with pro-choice advocates on college campuses.  Each comes with stories that move the heart as well as equip the mind.  In addition, each of our trainers is animated by our passion for "loving every human being," meaning the unborn child, the woman considering abortion, others involved in the decision, as well as a love for the pro-choice advocate we're engaging in conversation.  
  • On each of our Speaker Bio pages, you'll find newsletters telling stories of conversations.  Many of these include dialogue examples or vivid descriptions of conversations that club members would find encouraging, inspiring, and a helpful model for engaging people in dialogue.


Online Training Resources

Please feel free to use these resources to equip yourself as a pro-life dialogue trainer or to equip the students with whom you are working.

  • JFA's "Learn at Home" Program: This one-hour program is our version of an ideal first step for a pro-life advocate who says, "I want to learn to change hearts and minds about abortion, but I'm really busy, and so I just don't have time for a conference or a longer seminar-and-outreach training program (e.g. JFA's flagship)."  This "course" includes four 15-minute exercises -- what we consider the most important things we can teach someone in one hour.  The fourth exercise helps the learner develop a plan for creating a conversation about abortion with a friend.  The program includes interactive role-play exercises, so I think some clubs will find it helpful as a way to get their club members some preparation for dialogue and confidence in a short time.
  • JFA's Exhibit Brochure: This museum-quality brochure includes pictures of human development and pictures of abortion.  A two-minute tour of the brochure is included in the "Learn at Home" program.  Even for clubs or students who oppose the use of abortion images in public, this can be a helpful resource for one-to-one conversations in which the pro-life advocate gives a warning and only shows the images if the person with whom they're talking consents.  See our Exhibit 2000 page for the link to the online version or to request printed brochures.
  • JFA's Interactive Guide (Chapter 1): This 32-page resource is available in pdf form, and you are allowed to make copies for use with your club.  It includes the seven interactive exercises we cover in our six-hour Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue seminar.  Although there is a great benefit to working through these exercises with a JFA trainer during a JFA seminar, you can easily make use of them on your own as well.  Read the "Analyze" portion and then work through the "Imitate" role-play exercises in pairs.  Topics included: three essential skills for dialogue, refocusing the conversation, making a case that the unborn is a living human organism, making a case from equal rights for the value/rights of the unborn, the question of rape, identifying and understanding bodily rights arguments, and starting a conversation by giving a tour of the JFA Exhibit Brochure. 
  • JFA's Interactive Guide (Chapters 1-7): This 208-page resource is available in pdf form, and you are allowed to make copies for use with your club.  It includes short articles on most of the common pro-choice arguments we hear on college campuses, but these articles don't just give a "when they say this, you say this" sound bite.  They help you think through principles that you should keep in mind when responding as well as some key phrases that can help you communicate your heart for people while at the same time clarifying the truth about each topic.  Topics covered include back-alley/illegal abortion, 
  • JFA's Trainer Certification Assignments: These are the same assignments which JFA's Training Staff complete in their ongoing professional development.  While these can't replicate the person-to-person mentoring that characterizes JFA's Trainer Certification program, these assignments will be helpful especially to pro-life student leaders or SFLA Regional Coordinators who are training others to dialogue.  You'll find a wealth of short (30 minutes max) assignments here to help you think clearly, be more precise, get your facts straight, clarify your understanding of key terms in the abortion debate, etc.