Justice For All Brochures Help Change Hearts and Save Lives

Steve Wagner shares a JFA brochure with a student at the University of Arizona in 2012.

JFA’s new “Invitation to Dialogue” Brochure (request your free printed copy below) builds on the value and usefulness volunteers experienced with our JFA Exhibit Brochure (2000-2018). Like the previous brochure, our “Invitation” Brochure fits in one’s pocket or purse, and it helps you create productive conversations with anyone. Amanda helped save a life with a JFA Brochure. Charity helped a stranger change his mind on the Metro. You can do the same!

The “Invitation to Dialogue” begins with acknowledging that unintended pregnancy is not simple and it’s not easy for the woman who finds herself pregnant. From there, the Brochure leads the reader through a series of questions to help the reader think through his or her position on abortion and to begin to explore solutions. You can learn to give a tour of the “Invitation” Brochure using our step-by-step instructions in our “Learn at Home” Program.

Warning: This brochure contains accurate pictures of the results of abortion. It is extremely graphic. We suggest that before you share those pictures with others, you warn them in advance.

Fill out the form below to request a copy of this full-color, 12-page life-saving tool.  Be sure to share it with your friends and family and make a difference today! Or, you can share or download the online version (with links) to your smartphone. 

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