Justice For All (JFA) is a non-profit educational organization which partners with local church communities to train followers of Christ to make abortion unthinkable.  JFA aims to make abortion unthinkable through conversations with pro-choice advocates – conversations in which the contentious debate about abortion is transformed into a dialogue.  For JFA staff and volunteers, the goal of any conversation is to balance love and truth in such a way that minds are changed, lives are saved, and healing from past failures can begin to be embraced. 

JFA’s trainers are exceptional in their field experience and their heart for mentoring.  Most of JFA's trainers have logged hundreds of hours at outreach events, creating conversations with people who support abortion.  Some JFA trainers have logged thousands of hours of conversation.  JFA mentors are passionate about creating these life-changing conversations, and they are just as passionate about mentoring other pro-life advocates to do the same thing.  Mentors use a step-by-step training process that features “learning by doing.”  A JFA mentor prepares a volunteer through lecture and interactive role-playing, then models a good conversation for the volunteer, and then remains nearby while the volunteer engages in conversation for the first time.  As a result, the volunteer gains a skill she never thought possible: creating a dialogue with a supporter of abortion which helps that person change his mind.