Stop and Think is a large open-air traveling exhibit created by the non-profit organization Justice For All.  Its first public exhibition took place on April 20, 2016 at Colorado State University.  Consisting of nine six-by-twelve-foot panels arranged in a triangle, Stop and Think invites the university community to stop, reflect, and engage in dialogue about pregnancy, abortion, and human rights.  Each side of the exhibit has a theme.  The current themes for the sides of the exhibit are as follows: 

  1. Feminism and the rights of women
  2. Pregnancy from a woman's perspective
  3. Stories of pregnancy and stories of abortion

Here's a brief introduction to Stop and Think through just a few pictures (Spring 2016 Events at CSU and UCLA):

You can find more detailed information about each panel in Stop and Think through the following links:

1: Feminism and the Rights of Women


  • This panel encourages the viewer to consider whether or not female unborn children should be considered equal members of the human community.  Should feminism embrace them?
  • Image of human fetuses 18 weeks post-fertilization age is from Lennart Nilsson & Lars Hamberger, A Child Is Born (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1990).
  • Note one developmental feature of the 18-week fetus is that he/she "responds to sound":
  • See video of and learn facts about the unborn at various stages of development at JFA's "What Is the Unborn?" page.




  • This panel encourages the viewer to consider whether or not abortion is compatible with feminism and women's rights.
  • From far away, the meaning of the panel is ambiguous.  The word "Erase" is seen above the symbol for feminism and an image of the limbs of an aborted fetus.  A closer view, though, reveals grey text inset in the feminism symbol: "freedom through killing."  Is the killing of abortion accomplishing freedom and the ideals of feminism or erasing them?
  • Photo of aborted human fetus 10 weeks from fertilization: Copyright Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
  • See more images of abortion and information about abortion procedures at JFA's "What Is Abortion?" page.





2: Pregnancy from a Woman's Perspective

Believe - I Am a Rock

Believe - Blank

  • This panel invites the viewer to consider lies pregnant women sometimes believe.

Believe - Say Goodbye






3: Stories about Pregnancy and Abortion

Her Story: BJ's Mom

  • Letter submitted to JFA in 2011; Photographed by the author in 2016; Used by permission








Their Story: Dylan and His Parents

His Story: Rilegh's Dad

  • Letter and Rose Left on the JFA Poll Table; Colorado State University, 2004; Photo by Katherine Clark
  • Interesting Note: This panel was first displayed at Colorado State University in 2016 in approximately the same location where the note was originally left on the Justice For All Exhibit Poll Table in 2004.





Alternate Panels










recent "Stop and Think" Dialogue Events

Stop and Think Exhibit at Colorado State University, April 2016

Stop and Think Exhibit at UCLA, May 2016