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Thanks for your interest in JFA's "Learn at Home" program! The program helps to prepare you with the most important essentials for dialogue in just one hour so that you can confidently engage a friend in conversation about abortion which can change hearts and save lives.

This page allows you to request the "Learn at Home" materials in printed versions by mail.  See the "Learn at Home" program for all of the resources you need for the program in online versions. For help with this form, or to order materials by interacting with a human being, call the JFA office: 316-683-6426.

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Each "Learn at Home" Packet includes: Four 15-minute activities and two JFA Exhibit Brochures; If requesting more than 2 packets, please select "other" and tell us a bit about why you are requesting this number (e.g. I need 10 packets because I'm requesting them for my whole small group of 5 couples)
Unless you select a different option below, we will begin sending you the monthly letter of our Executive Director, Steve Wagner, by both paper mail and email. The letter always includes encouraging stories and training tips so you can keep up with JFA, and so that you can learn to change hearts and save lives.
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