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Preparing for COMMON QUESTIONS and Arguments


"Doesn't a woman's right to her body justify abortion, even if the unborn is a human being?" (also called "Bodily Rights")


Is Abortion the Right Thing to Do If the Mother's Life Is in Danger? 

What About Abortion in Cases of Fetal Deformity?


Is Abortion Legal Through All Nine Months?


What is the Unborn Biologically?


Should the Unborn Be Treated Equally to You and Me?


"Abortion should be legal until the unborn is viable." (Or, "The unborn isn't a person until it's viable.")

Do Unborn Embryos and Fetuses Feel Pain?

Does the Bible Say Anything about Abortion? 


"I'm pro-life personally, but I don't feel like I can force my views on people through laws against abortion."

  • #Mindblown - Rebecca Haschke (In this newsletter, Rebecca details a conversation she had with a student, and she includes much of the dialogue.)

"If abortion is made illegal, won't women die in the back alleys?"

"If abortion is made illegal, how should a woman who has an abortion be punished?"






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