A Special Kind of Conversation...with an Audience.

JFA speakers give engaging presentations to equip audiences of all ages to change hearts and minds on abortion.  Each of JFA's speakers brings a wealth of personal stories from hundreds of conversations he or she has had with people who disagree.  JFA's speakers are also trained to teach interactively and to engage both small and large groups with advanced educational methods.  We not only speak from experience, but we also share our stories in a way that moves the intellect as well as the heart.  No matter the venue, we teach in a way that prepares listeners to engage in conversation immediately.

JFA Speakers

JFA Presentations (partial list)

  • Facing Abortion: Through striking visual imagery and the stories of Amanda, Clint, Emmett, and one very heartbroken woman, a JFA trainer will help the audience begin to face the reality of how abortion impacts the lives of human beings inside and outside the womb.  This presentation includes video of the results of abortion, but those visuals are shown with a warning and great sensitivity for women and men who have abortion in their past.  The presentation also includes video images of the unborn in the womb at nine weeks.
  • Reaching Hearts and Minds on Abortion: This presentation gives the basics of learning to talk about abortion in a way that's helpful and productive.  The JFA trainer will include stories from conversations with pro-choice advocates, arguments for the value of the unborn, as well as an emphasis on listening to understand, asking questions with an open heart, and finding common ground when possible.
  • How to Create Conversations that Change Hearts and Minds (Workshop): Are you afraid to open your mouth when the topic of abortion comes up? Do you want to defend the unborn, but you also care about the women and men struggling with unplanned pregnancies? This workshop will give you the basic skills you need to make any conversation about abortion more productive and even enjoyable for everyone involved. You'll learn simple tools for keeping the conversation on track and for keeping things civilized. You'll also leave the workshop with tools for starting the conversation about abortion with friends and family in a way that isn't offensive or awkward. Don't miss this opportunity to grow in your ability to change hearts and save lives!  [Alternate title: Taking Abortion from Debate to Dialogue]

Hear and See (Audio/Video of Presentations)