Susanna Dirks

Susanna Dirks (left), talks with a student at JFA’s University of Oklahoma (OU) outreach in November 2017.

Susanna Dirks recently accepted a position as Training Specialist in the Washington, D.C. region with Justice For All.

Read a personal note from Susanna about her new role (below). Susanna’s work as an intern in 2017-2018 was featured in JFA's October 2017 Impact Report, "Three Miracles in One Conversation."  You can read more about her work and perspective in her internship newsletters (linked below).

Please consider supporting Susanna as she works to train Christians in the DC area to be a different kind of pro-life advocate creating a different kind of conversation. Your support will enable Susanna to work to change hearts and save lives with God’s help!

Photos of Susanna in Action

[Justice For All] helps me combine care for the human being in front of me, and care for the human being I can’t see.
— Susanna Dirks

A Personal Note from Susanna

JFA Has Invited Me to Join the Team!

What My Transition Will Look Like and How You Can Help

Speaking on a recent mission trip with JFA at Kennesaw State University in Georgia

This has been an amazing year. In 2018, I left my internship at Justice For All (JFA) in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in cyber security at George Mason University (GMU). Over the past year, I took two full semesters of coursework, dated and got engaged, and was active in pro-life outreach on campus. In June of this year, I got married to the wonderful Andrew Dirks.

It’s been incredible watching God work. He gave me multiple opportunities for witnessing to classmates and for discussing the value of unborn human beings. I have established a good connection with the administration of GMU which will, hopefully, foster continued outreach in the future. Now my life as a student at GMU is over. I have transferred to an online school where I intend to complete my degree.

I am only one month into marriage, but it is already a dream come true. Life with Andrew is beautiful and always interesting. We are discovering the ins and outs of married life together every day. He has helped me through classes, comforted me through loss and despair, and led me closer to the Lord through it all. I am blessed to enter the next stage of life with him by my side.

That next stage includes a job working 30 hours per week with JFA here in the D.C. region. I began work as a JFA trainer this past week. I’m excited to train Christians to create life-changing conversations that kindle affection for unborn children and their mothers. My work will build on the speaking, mentoring, and outreach skills I learned during my internship, but I’ll expand into nurturing relationships with churches, schools, and small groups we can serve. I’ll focus the majority of my work on the millions of people within driving distance of D.C.

Our Georgia mission team paused in front of this statue of the world in March 2019, a good reminder of the variety of people we meet on college campuses.

I am overjoyed at the opportunity to work with JFA once again. It was hard to leave the mission last year, and I have yearned to return ever since. Through much prayer, guidance, and life circumstances, God has opened this door. I can’t wait to walk through it. My work with JFA will provide a welcome challenge to balance work, school, and marriage over the next few years.

In order to make this dream a reality, I need your help. Please prayerfully consider investing in my work as a new staff member with Justice For All by joining my monthly support team. Special gifts will also be extremely helpful. This support will help pay my salary so that I can stay focused on our mission. Travel costs and other work expenses are paid for through other JFA funding efforts.

To support my work, see the options on this JFA pledge form (“Susanna Dirks - 638”). You can also use JFA's Credit Card Donation page and select my name in the “Gift Designation” area.

If you’d be willing, I’d love to contact you soon to give you more information about my work with Justice For All. To reach me, fill out JFA’s Contact Form.

I appreciate your consideration and ask for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Susanna Dirks