Paul Kulas

Paul Kulas is the Chief Operations Officer at Justice For All.  Paul was originally moved to action on behalf of the unborn in 1997 when he watched Harder Truth, a video including imagery and footage of abortion. In 1998, he began full-time pro-life work with the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, and for the last ten years he's been a vital part of the JFA team. Paul arranges many of JFA's outreach events and has personally engaged in dialogue with students at over 50 college campuses around the nation. In his free time, Paul enjoys playing board games with friends and his wife, Trudy. When Paul was single he spent four years in the United States Navy and he had hobbies like skydiving and scuba-diving. He and Trudy are now living an even more challenging, but more rewarding adventure, as they parent their nine children in Wichita, Kansas.

pictures of Paul in action

I realized that some doctors order their lives to slaughter the unborn. Shouldn’t I be willing to reorder my life to save some of those precious souls?
— Paul Kulas (in response to seeing abortion imagery)