Kaitlyn Donihue

Kaitlyn Donihue (left), talks with a student at JFA’s University of Oklahoma (OU) outreach in October 2018.

Kaitlyn Donihue serves as a Training Specialist with JFA based in Michigan. She first experienced the JFA training program during her time at Ellerslie Mission Society in spring 2017, including participating in JFA outreach at Colorado State University. She went on to complete a year-long internship in 2018-2019, and she is now raising support for her new position with JFA.

Kaitlyn’s work is featured in recent JFA Impact Reports: “I Didn’t See This Coming” (May 2019), “Interns in Action” (September 2018), and “Faithful in the Field” (November 2018). See her newsletters linked below for more stories.

Photos of Kaitlyn in Action

I believe that people are created in the image of God and therefore of inestimable value. His heart is burdened for these women and children, and I want to carry His burdens.
— Kaitlyn Donihue