Cheryl Kaye (CK) Wisner Newsletter Archive

This is CK Wisner's Newsletter Archive.  Click here to learn more about CK (Bio / Pictures /Quotes / Invite CK to Speak / Support CK's Work).


2013 Newsletters

May: Wisner Support Letter

May-June: God’s Plans > My Plans

July-August: Why Not Ask a Question?

September-October: Getting “Dirty”

September: Impact Report: Taking Paul to Heart

November: Letting Go and Learning to Trust

December: Impact Report: JFA’s Three Essential Skills Are the Life of the Party

2014 Newsletters

January: Lies Replaced By Truth

February: Bowling, Special Needs, and Lessons Learned

March: Impact Report: JFA Mentors: Indispensable

April: No Excuses

May: They’re Valuable, Too

June: Speak With Confidence

July: The Desires of My Heart Answered

August: Beauty in the Struggle

September: I Got Sunburned, But It Was Worth It

October: Practicing What I Preach

November: Thankfulness

December: My Year in Pictures

2015 Newsletters

January: “Get Your Feet Out of the Cheese!”

February: Let’s Talk about the Same Thing

March: Hometown Outreach

April: Students Who Inspire Me

May: Tell Them the Good News

June: The Power of Listening (Written by Jordan Newhouse)

July: Ten Seconds Can Change Minds (Written by Steve Wagner)

August: Lightbulb

September: The Semester Has Started!

October: Back to the Three Essential Skills

November: Another Year of Thankfulness

December: Jamie

2016 Newsletters

January: I Hugged a Protester

February: "It Looks Like a Baby Alien"

March: The Rain Didn't Stop Us

April: Giving Thanks for the Whirwind

May: Jamie: Part II