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Life Report Episode (1 of 2): How Should Pro-Lifers Interact With Post Abortive Women

Life Report Episode (2 of 2): How Should Pro-Lifers Interact With Post Abortive Women

Life Report Episode: How Do You Respond To “Impossible” Pro-choicers?

Life Report Episode: How Should Women Be Punished if Abortion Becomes Illegal?


Newsletters and Impact Reports


January: "This is going to seem disturbing..."

January: 2016 Conversations Collage



January: Pro-Choice, Pro-Feminism, Pro-Cats… Wait, What?

September: "What do you mean?" - The Question that Saved My Conversation

November: When Compassion Kills

December: Unthinkable



January: The Power of a Picture

February: Impact Report: Charity on the Metro

March: Give Thanks In All Circumstances

April/May: Ready and Eager for the Next Conversation

June: (currently unavailable)

July: From One to a Crowd

August: Impact Report: Lightbulb in Los Angeles

September/October: The Semester Has Started!

November: “#MindBlown”

December: Impact Report: The Student Becomes the Trainer



January: “Internally I Was Freaking Out”

February: There is No Hope in Apathy

March: Impact Report: JFA Mentors: Indispensable

April: Conversations Because of You

May: Impact Report: Jordan Crosses the Jordan

July: Leave the Results Up to God

June: Catherine's Letter: Interns Offer Up Their Loaves and Fishes

August: Impact Report: Labor Days

September: A Lot of Nebraskans In Kansas

October: Impact Report: Crippled By Fear? Rise and Do Feet Work.

November: Executive Letter: JFA Helps Volunteers Escape an "Easy Escape"

December: If Only I'd Taken a Picture (not available online)



January: Impact Report: Miriam’s Seminar Ends Up in the Abortion Clinic

February/March: Nothing More to Offer

April: A New Sardine in the Office

May: The Rest of the Story…

June: Your Turn to Share

July: 2013 Spring Semester Recap

August: Impact Report: Taking Paul to Heart

September: Weird Pro-lifers

October: Only a Glimpse

November: Impact Report: JFA’s Three Essential Skills Are the Life of the Party

December: “I Want the Whole World to See”



January: Truth in Art: JFA’s Dialogue Tools, Old and New

February/March: “To Stand Smack in the Middle of a Dark, Godless Place…”

April/May: Impact Report: Crash-Course Training Helps Save a Life

June: Blue Bandana

July: My Mentor’s Reflection

August: Impact Report: From Mum to Mom

September: 2012 Fall Schedule

October: “I Never Knew My Oldest Or Youngest Siblings”

November/December: Impact Report: The Formula for Saving a Life is SW + FW = RW



January/February: If You Were a Mouse in the Corner...

March: If You Were a Mouse in the Corner… (continued)

April: Long Term Commitment

May: He Said, “It Was Life-Changing.” What Does That Mean?

June: “If I Ever Get Pregnant Young… I Would Get An Abortion.”

July: Mom on a Mission (currently unavailable)

August: Will Your Feet Work This Fall

September: JFA...Africa?

October: 2011 Spring Review

November: No Facts, No Plan, No Confidence

December: A Reason To Rejoice

December: Lori Navrodtzke’s Testimony



October: In Their Own Words: UNL Students React to JFA

November: How Was I To Know He Was Starving?

December: Merry Christmas!