Susanna Buckley

Susanna Buckley (left), talks with a student at JFA’s University of Oklahoma (OU) outreach in November 2017.

Susanna Buckley recently accepted a position as Training Specialist in the Washington, D.C. region with Justice For All.

Her work as an intern in 2017-2018 was featured in JFA's October 2017 Impact Report, "Three Miracles in One Conversation."  You can read more about her work and perspective in her internship newsletters (linked below).

Please consider supporting Susanna as she works to train Christians in the DC area to be a different kind of pro-life advocate creating a different kind of conversation. Your support will enable Susanna to work to change hearts and save lives with God’s help!

Photos of Susanna in Action

[Justice For All] helps me combine care for the human being in front of me, and care for the human being I can’t see.
— Susanna Buckley