Teach or Talk...or Do Both

I am pro-life, and I have marched in Washington D.C. with the pro-life march the past two years. I enjoyed the experience so much, but [I] never knew how to communicate with others. Thank YOU for teaching me how to talk about pro-life to people who are pro-choice.
— High School Student

JFA’s mission is to train thousands to make abortion unthinkable, one person at a time.  We have two simple ways to show that we are making progress on that mission.  We must teach others to talk to pro‐choice people about abortion, or we ourselves need to talk to pro‐choice people about abortion.  Sometimes our speaking events end up accomplishing both of these goals.  Below is a sample of reflections from high school and college students who attended a presentation, workshop, or seminar this fall.  Some of these students felt prepared to have conversations on their own.  For others, the content of our presentations made abortion unthinkable in their minds.

The video showed today really sealed the deal in my head that abortion is 100% murder.  It’s not that I wasn’t pro‐life, I just believed it [be]cause I was told to.  This video helped me form a complete opinion...that abortion is never the answer—very good presentation!

- High School Student, Presentation, St. Cecilia’s Catholic High School

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