Pray with JFA - June 2018

Pray for Recent/ Upcoming Events (Partial List):

JFA volunteer Ashley (left) talks with a student at JFA's June 2018 outreach at Wichita State University.

Pray for wisdom for the team members who plan JFA’s outreach event schedule.  Pray for the health of our trainers that they might keep active in the field.  Pray for each person we train and each person with whom we converse at outreach, that God will kindle new affection in their hearts for women in distress and for the smallest humans on earth. 

  • June 6 (La Mirada, CA):  Presentation - Redeemer Church
  • June 7 (Wichita, KS):  Interactive Workshop - St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
  • June 21 (Wichita, KS):  Poll Table Outreach Event - Wichita State University (WSU)
  • June 23 (Phoenix, AZ):  Interactive Workshop (via video conference) - Civis Audacia
  • June 24 (Washington, DC):  Interactive Workshop - SFLA Wilberforce/Stevens Fellows
  • July 18 (David City, NE):  Interactive Workshop - Aquinas High School
  • July 19, 21 (Columbus, NE):  Interactive Workshops - St. Bonaventure Catholic Church
  • July 28 (Washington, DC):  Interactive Seminar - SFLA Regional Coordinators