Notes from my Interview with Rediscover Hour on Relevant Radio in MN

I just finished talking with Patrick Conley of Rediscover Hour, a radio show based in Minnesota.  (Update: You can now listen to the interview here.)  Here are links to some of the resources, events, and stories I mentioned on the show: 

Learn more about the Chanhassan Workshop on Sept. 30 on our Calendar page.

Register for upcoming JFA events: Sept. 30 Chanhassan Workshop or Oct. 1 UMN Workshop.

Read Steve Wagner's Book: Common Ground Without Compromise (Free eBook Available).

JFA's Learn at Home Program gives you four fifteen-minute exercises to prepare you for your first conversation. 

Read about Catherine's experience with her first JFA event and then equipping Amanda to help save a life.

See our Stories page for more stories of conversations, changed hearts, and saved lives.

See our Dialogue Examples page for newsletters including word-for-descriptions of conversations. 

Start conversations on social media by sharing posts from our 7conversations Twitter page or our "Start the Conversation" blog feed.

Bonus: Get JFA's monthly letter with stories, dialogue tips, and encouragement.

Bonus: See what happens when you drag a friend out of bed and attend a JFA training event, like the event coming up in Chanhassan (Miriam's Story).

We hope to see you at the upcoming events in Chanhassan and Minneapolis!