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Sanctity of Life Sunday - 2018

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When Kim told her friend Amanda that she was pregnant and planning to get an abortion, Amanda didn’t know what to do – except pray.  The very next day, when Amanda saw Justice For All volunteers holding an outreach on her campus, she wondered if it might be the answer to her prayers.  So when one of her classes that day was canceled, she spent most of that class hour receiving a crash-course in learning how to talk about abortion from Catherine Wurts (JFA Trainer from 2009-2017).  Then she again prayed. 

Later that same afternoon Amanda shared the JFA Exhibit Brochure (which contains photos of unborn children before and after abortion) with her friend Kim.  After talking with Amanda and seeing abortion in the JFA Exhibit Brochure, Kim said,  

“I realized that getting an abortion would be worse for my baby than the bad situation I’m in with my boyfriend.”  

(Click here to read the full story, and see Kim’s baby, “Lucy.”)

So many people like Kim are all around us.  As Christ-followers, how can we be the hands and feet of Christ to our vulnerable neighbors, those facing unwanted pregnancy (or who will face this in their future) and those in danger in the womb?

Justice For All is committed to coming alongside churches in their discipleship work, specifically preparing Christians to respond to unwanted pregnancy.  JFA is here to help you turn the abortion debate into a dialogue in your everyday life, in a way that can change hearts and minds.  You can pray for, prepare for, and create heart-changing conversations like the one I mentioned above. Here are just a few resources to help you and your local church get started:


Learn at Home Program

JFA’s "Learn at Home" program gives busy moms, dads, and professionals something they can do in just one hour (four 15-minute exercises) to learn to dialogue about abortion in a way that changes hearts and minds.


Guide for Students and Clubs

JFA’s guide for pro-life students and clubs (“Conversations Change Campuses”) is full of free resources and helps students to prioritize pro-life activities that actually make a difference. It also includes step-by-step instructions for creating a small outreach event with a big impact.


Resource Bulletin

JFA’s monthly resource bulletins provide practical ways for you to pray for conversations about abortion and prepare for conversations of your own.  A blog post written with pro-choice people in mind is included each month to help you start conversations in a more natural, less-awkward way.


Explore All Resources

Explore JFA's online educational resources, including statistics, explanations from scientists and philosophers, dialogue examples, video, and much more.


Links to Help During and After Dialogue

This page provides quick links on topics ranging from abortion-related statistics, to locating a local pregnancy resource center, to finding post-abortion care.  Don't miss the See Baby Pregnancy Guide app (under "EHD Apps"), which includes video of the unborn in the womb, week-by-week, on your smartphone for free.


Training Events & Mission Trips

At JFA’s core is a mentor-led training program called “Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue” which includes a seminar (Seat Work) and an outreach event (Feet Work) at a college campus. This complete training experience is the best JFA has to offer when it comes to preparing Christians to change hearts and minds in their communities.