Pray with JFA - Recent Spring and Summer Events

UCLA Outreach - May 2019

Look at this list of JFA’s spring events (see page 3), as well as JFA’s summer events and upcoming outreach events (listed below). We are in awe of what God has done through your support of JFA and through your prayers. Let’s pray together for each of the people who were challenged at each of these events to actively love unborn children and their parents.

Summer JFA Events

  • Seminar in Pennsylvania (6/25)

  • Workshop in Kansas (6/25)

  • Outreach at Wichita State University (6/26)

  • Seminar for Seminarians in Kansas (7/12-7/13)

  • Seminar in Kansas (7/23)

  • Outreach at Wichita State University (7/24)

  • Michigan Presentations (Multiple Dates)

  • Ohio Seminars (8/9-8/10)

Recent and Upcoming Outreach Events:

  • Trinity University (TX)

  • Benedictine College (KS)

  • University of Kansas (KS)

  • University of Houston (TX)

  • University of Texas at El Paso (TX)

  • Pittsburg State University (KS)

  • University of Oklahoma (OK)

  • George Mason University (VA)