You Can Help JFA Bring about Stories Like Zachary's

A Special Message from Steve Wagner

Dear Friend,

Whether you read JFA’s letters on a monthly or occasional basis, and whether you read them in paper form or online, I hope you see in every communication from JFA our passion for finding pro-choice advocates, starting conversations with them in a natural way, sharing a defense for unborn children, and responding to objections, all within a framework of loving concern.  Our work is some of the most difficult work pro-life advocates can do, but it’s also some of the most important, if we are ever to see a day when all unborn children are loved as equals. 

In our November 2016 Impact Report, “Small Decisions and Big Results,” I share the story of Grace, Clare, and Zachary, and then I close with a comment about the importance of small decisions.  As you read the last paragraph there, you might feel like the idea of participating with us “on the ground” creating conversations seems out of reach.  Perhaps encouraging your community to learn more about JFA or becoming an intern seems impossible.  Still, you can be a catalyst to help make all of these aspects of JFA’s mission happen – by giving financially to support JFA’s work.

You can be every bit as much a part of JFA’s mission by making a generous special gift or monthly commitment today.  At our Donate page, you can find everything you need in order to become a monthly partner with JFA or to give a special gift.  There you’ll also find information about gift designations and what your gift will accomplish, how to give online using a credit card, and automatic giving options. 

Your gifts to support a staff member designation, our Training Program Fund, our Intern Scholarship Fund, or to support our area of “greatest need” directly impact how many interns we’re able to hire, how many outreach events we’re able to produce, and how many relationships we’re able to build with churches, schools, and other organizations.  These things in turn directly affect the number of pro-life advocates we’re able to train and the number of pro-choice advocates we’re able to engage in conversation so that they can come to their own settled conclusion that abortion is unthinkable.  Thank you for considering partnering with JFA. 

In Christ,

Steve Wagner

Executive Director, Justice For All


P.S. I hope that when you read “Small Decisions and Big Results,” you will be just as encouraged as I was to see active, young pro-life advocates creating conversations that make abortion unthinkable.  I hope, though, that you and I won’t stop there, thinking that this is just the job of young people.  The task is too big, and the need is too great.  Please instead consider a small decision to partner with JFA and trust God with us to use each small decision to bring about the “impossible” result of making abortion unthinkable for millions.