Pray for Hearts to Be Softened so that Intellectual Arguments Can Do Their Work

Even as we train pro-life Christians to engage in dialogue using the best arguments and a habit of good listening, we realize that God changes the heart of a person to incline him to be open to the intellectual arguments we present. Pray for each person who watches ERI’s video, our featured resource for September (share the blog post linked here to start a conversation using the video), and please pray for the heart of each person impacted through our recent and upcoming events:

  • September Events: Trinity University (TX), Benedictine College (KS), University of Kansas (KS), University of Houston (TX), Pittsburg State (KS)

  • Oct. 10-13: Seminars in Colorado

  • Oct. 15, 21: Outreach at George Mason University in Virginia

  • Oct. 27: Workshop in Michigan

  • Oct. 31-Nov. 5: Various events in Oklahoma, including outreach at OU