February 2017 Resource Bulletin

Making Abortion Unthinkable with JFA - Feb. 2017


Pray for Conversations

Recent and Upcoming Events (Partial List):  Please pray with us that God will cause hearts and minds to change as a result of conversations created by our staff, volunteers, and audience members:

  • 2/11/2017: Phoenix, AZ — Seminar at ASU
  • 2/12/2017: Las Vegas, NV — Seminar at UNLV
  • 2/13/2017: Phoenix, AZ — Outreach at ASU
  • 2/13-14/2017: Las Vegas, NV — Poll Table Outreach at UNLV
  • 2/15-16/2017: Las Vegas, NV — Original Large Exhibit Outreach at UNLV
  • March 2017: Staff will carry out many small-scale outreach events (KS, OK, TX, LA, VA).

List of All Recent and Upcoming Events & Photos from Recent Events & Staff Updates & JFA Prayer Team Updates


Prepare for Conversations

Featured Resource for Equipping Yourself:  During a conversation with two sisters at KU years ago, Steve Wagner saw first-hand the importance of asking clarifying questions.  He tells the story in his 2012 newsletter, “Yes=No.”  Read it online or call the JFA office to ask us to mail you a copy (316-683-6426).  From the beginning of the conversation to its startling conclusion, you’ll learn some of the questions you can use to build rapport early in a conversation.  These questions will also help you learn valuable information about the person with whom you’re speaking.  Hungry for more resources like this?  See our Dialogue Examples page.


Start Conversations

Featured Conversation Starter:  We encourage you to use the “Embracing Child and Career” panel from JFA’s Art of Life Exhibit to start a conversation.  See either our 7conversations Twitter handle or our Start the Conversation blog series for JFA posts about the panel that are easy to share on social media.  Remember, the goal of our conversation starters is to help an average pro-life advocate to create a conversation about abortion in a natural, less-awkward way.  Each is created with sensitivity to a pro-choice advocate’s worldview, language, and culture, and each generally comes in a physical version (paper, bookmark, brochure, shirt, sticker, etc.) in addition to the social media versions mentioned above.  In some cases, we’ll create these conversation starters from scratch.  In others, we’ll make use of great tools we and other organizations have already created.  In every case, we’ll alert you to the tool and show you how to use it.

About the Making Abortion Unthinkable with JFA Resource Bulletin

For friends of JFA who ask, “What can I do to make abortion unthinkable?” this resource bulletin offers some answers.  Beyond supporting JFA financially, which enables JFA’s trainers and volunteers to create conversations that make abortion unthinkable at JFA’s events, you can PRAY for the conversations the JFA community is creating (including your own), PREPARE for conversations, and START conversations.