Pray for Conversations: Steve Wagner and D.C.

Steve Wagner interacts with a student at a Fresno, California outreach.

Steve Wagner to Serve as Executive Director of Justice For All from Washington D.C.: Beginning in April 2017, Steve Wagner will make a permanent move to the Washington, D.C. area to continue to serve as the Executive Director of Justice For All (JFA) from there.  Steve is excited to begin building relationships to facilitate JFA's outreach work in the region, as well as to continue speaking and participating in JFA's outreach events nationwide.  Pray for Steve and the whole JFA team as they work to make abortion unthinkable by creating conversations and by training pro-life advocates to do the same.  While JFA will now have trainers focusing locally in four metro areas (Wichita, Dallas, Austin, and Washington, D.C.), and while we will continue to travel to other states and metro areas where we've forged major training partnerships (Colorado, Georgia, and a number of others), JFA is eager to build relationships with churches, schools, and organizations in any region where we are invited to speak to groups and facilitate outreach events with one of our three large exhibits or other outreach tools.  Contact Steve with questions or to connect him with friends in the D.C. area who would appreciate JFA.

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Note: This is the "Pray for Conversations" portion of JFA's March 2017 Resource Bulletin.  Click here to see all Resource Bulletins.