Pray with JFA (May)

UCLA - May 21, 2019
See more photos from last week’s JFA events at UCLA, below.

Pray for Changed Hearts and Saved Lives:

I was in the plane last week traveling to our recent events in Los Angeles. The man sitting next to me, on his own without any provocation from me, brought up the recent Alabama law that banned abortion outright. He saw it as unconscionably “extreme.” This law in Alabama and similar laws in Georgia and other states are getting the conversation about abortion and unborn children started all around us. Let’s pray for JFA’s training events as we prepare Christians to be ready for these opportunities. Let’s pray God will use our outreach events to strengthen courage in all of us to speak up. - Steve Wagner, Executive Director

  • Mar. 17-19 (Durango, CO): Seminar & Outreach Events with Master Plan Ministries

  • Mar. 23-26 (Albuquerque, NM): Seminars & Outreach Events near/at University of New Mexico (UNM)

  • Mar. 31-April 2 (Lawrence, KS): Seminar & Outreach Events at/near University of Kansas (KU)

  • April 15, 24 (Fairfax, VA): Outreach Events at George Mason University (GMU)

  • April 23-25 (OK and TX): Outreach Events at Oklahoma State University (OSU) & University of North Texas (UNT)

  • May 18-22 (Los Angeles Area, CA): Seminars & Outreach Events near/at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA - May 2019
(Pictured - right: Kaitlyn Donihue, JFA Intern)

UCLA - May 2019
(Pictured - middle: Steve Wagner, Executive Director)

UCLA - May 2019 (Pictured - right: Tammy Cook, JFA Trainer)

UCLA - May 2019
(Pictured - right: Tammy Cook, JFA Trainer)

UCLA - May 2019
(Pictured - left: Rebekah Dyer, JFA Fellow)