Must Women Make War?

Source:  Getty .  (This image is featured on JFA's   Art of Life  Exhibit .)

Source: Getty.  (This image is featured on JFA's Art of Life Exhibit.)

Reading about Kate O'Beirne's death in a memorial by Hadley Arkes, I came across her description of the abortion right as a sort of act of "war" in the struggle for equality: 

"Feminist fundamentalism holds that the battle of the sexes can’t be won unless women make war on the tiniest enemies of their independence."

What do you think?  Do women need abortion to assert their equality?  Could a path to equal recognition and equal treatment without killing be possible?  (See the "Erase" sign in our Stop and Think Exhibit for a visual representation of this question.  Warning: Graphic)  Does abortion constitute the making of war on unborn humans, the "enemies of independence"?  Or, is Kate O'Beirne misleading her reader with overblown rhetoric?   

[Note: That quote originated in this interview on National Review.]