Featured Conversation Starter: MIA

We encourage you to use the “MIA” panel from JFA’s Stop and Think Exhibit to start a conversation.  The panel reads:

According to The Lancet, millions upon millions of girls around the world are missing due to sex-selective abortion and infanticide.  Are you saddened by this or do you find yourself indifferent?  Is this phenomenon an expression of women’s rights or a violation of women’s rights? 

To view the panel and share it on social media, use the buttons above or the links below.  Remember, the goal of our conversation starters is to help an average pro-life advocate to create a conversation about abortion in a natural, less-awkward way.  If you use this conversation starter, please let us know how it goes!

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Note: This post is the "Start Conversations" portion of the JFA's March 2017 Resource Bulletin.  Click here to view all of the Resource Bulletins.