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Notes from my Interview with Rediscover Hour on Relevant Radio in MN

I just finished talking with Patrick Conley of Rediscover Hour, a radio show based in Minnesota.  (Update: You can now listen to the interview here.)  Here are links to some of the resources, events, and stories I mentioned on the show: 

Learn more about the Chanhassan Workshop on Sept. 30 on our Calendar page.

Register for upcoming JFA events: Sept. 30 Chanhassan Workshop or Oct. 1 UMN Workshop.

Read Steve Wagner's Book: Common Ground Without Compromise (Free eBook Available).

JFA's Learn at Home Program gives you four fifteen-minute exercises to prepare you for your first conversation. 

Read about Catherine's experience with her first JFA event and then equipping Amanda to help save a life.

See our Stories page for more stories of conversations, changed hearts, and saved lives.

See our Dialogue Examples page for newsletters including word-for-descriptions of conversations. 

Start conversations on social media by sharing posts from our 7conversations Twitter page or our "Start the Conversation" blog feed.

Bonus: Get JFA's monthly letter with stories, dialogue tips, and encouragement.

Bonus: See what happens when you drag a friend out of bed and attend a JFA training event, like the event coming up in Chanhassan (Miriam's Story).

We hope to see you at the upcoming events in Chanhassan and Minneapolis!

Links Related to My Interview with Alan Shlemon Today

Here are the links I mentioned on the STR radio broadcast a few minutes ago, along with some others that listeners might appreciate!

Here are some other links you might find interesting and helpful:

  • Dialogue Examples (30+ newsletters all featuring word-for-word conversations about abortion -- learn from our dialogue artists!)
  • JFA's Monthly Letter (packed with stories, tips, and reflections from JFA's outstanding team of dialogue artists)
  • JFA Mission Trips (if we aren't coming to your area soon, come to us!)
  • Invite a JFA Speaker (if we aren't coming to your area soon, help us come!)

Didn't hear the broadcast?  Click here to listen.