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We Can't Wait (in More Ways than One)

Amanda with Kim's Baby

Amanda with Kim's Baby

After twenty minutes with a JFA trainer, Amanda shared a JFA Brochure with a friend who decided not to kill her child ("Lucy" in the photo).  After one hour in a presentation with a JFA trainer last month, Emma and her sister went to talk to kids in the park.  Their mom said,

They said that a few of the things you said gave them the confidence to go ahead and give it a try.

In my June letter you can read how these stories remind me that we cannot wait for everyone to find two days to participate in JFA's flagship training program, and that everyone can benefit from two additional offerings: our presentations and our new "Learn at Home" program.  JFA can't wait to use these opportunities to activate...More Advocates.

Or, don't wait to read the letter. Go directly to our new "Learn at Home" program.  In just one hour, it will equip you to...Change Minds on Abortion.