Pray with JFA (January)

Pray for Our 2019 Events:

Pray for wisdom as we plan events in the following places this year. Pray that many Christians would have the courage to be “weird” (in the good sense Grace Fontenot described in a recent newsletter), joining us in our aim to create thousands of loving conversations. Pray that God would use those conversations to change many hearts and minds.

  • AR: Fayetteville

  • AZ: Phoenix, Tucson

  • CA: Los Angeles Area

  • CO: Denver, Fort Collins

  • GA: Kennesaw, Atlanta Area

  • OK: Oklahoma City

  • SD: Brookings

  • TX: Dallas, Denton, Austin, Houston

  • VA/MD/DC: Various Cities

  • KS: Manhattan, Lawrence, Wichita

  • LA: Lafayette

  • MI: Lansing

  • MO: Springfield

  • NE: Norfolk

  • NM: Albuquerque

University of Oklahoma (OU) - October 2018

Resource for January - "Americans Are Weird!"

Featured Resource For Equipping Yourself:

Grace Fontenot described a conversation she had at Colorado State University in the fall in a recent letter, “Americans Are Weird!” And Why That’s Fantastic. Her conversation is a beautiful model of how asking just a few open-hearted questions can help a person go from seeming completely closed to the pro-life position to actively engaging the question of whether the unborn are human beings with equal value to the rest of us. Along the way, Grace helped a British student see why something that seemed crazy to him at first, Americans discussing abortion, is actually not crazy at all. Some of our trainers have latched onto a phrase at certain points in our history: “Don’t be weird.” By that they mean, “Don’t add unnecessary weirdness to a message that seems inherently weird to many people.” Grace clarifies in this letter that there is definitely one type of weirdness we should not be afraid of exhibiting — the weirdness of working to create respectful conversations about unborn children.

Conversation Starter for January - Video: Outreach Clip

Use a video we just posted to create a conversation about whether unborn children have equal rights. In the video, Rebecca Hotovy interacts with a student at Colorado State University. She skillfully uses questions to explain how we can be confident unborn children deserve equal treatment to the rest of us. You can find the video here or at the links below. After watching, share it with a friend and ask your friend, “I’m interested in better conversations about abortion, and this seems like an example. I’m curious: What do you think of this woman’s reasoning?”