Pray with JFA - March 2018

Pray for Recent/Upcoming Events (Partial List): 

JFA trainer Becca Haschke in dialogue w/Wichita State University students at the March 15th kiosk outreach event at WSU

Pray for good weather during our outreach events to facilitate good conversations. Pray for the health of our trainers that they might keep active in the field. Pray for each person we train and each person with whom we converse at outreach, that God will kindle new affection in their hearts for women in distress and for the smallest humans on earth.

  • Mar. 12-13 (Lawrence, KS): Art of Life Exhibit Outreach — University of Kansas
  • March 15 (Wichita, KS): Kiosk Outreach Event — Wichita State University
  • April 7 (Atchison, KS): Interactive Seminar — Benedictine College
  • April 14 (Greeley, CO): Interactive Seminar — Christ Community Church
  • April 15 (Fort Collins, CO): Interactive Seminar — Colorado State University
  • April 16-17 (Fort Collins, CO): Kiosk Outreach Event — Colorado State University
  • April 20 (Boulder, CO): Interactive Workshop — University of Colorado at Boulder

Conversation Starter - "Human but not human"

Featured Conversation Starter (March):

Use Steve Wagner’s recent blog post, “Human but not human” to start a conversation with a friend about pro-choice statements that are often confusing to pro-life advocates. It’s easy to write off people who say things like, “The unborn is human, but it isn’t human,” but Steve offers practical advice for giving the benefit of the doubt when we hear perplexing statements like this. With a message to pro-choice advocates followed by a message to pro-life advocates, this post will make it easier to discuss a friend’s thoughts on when human life begins biologically and at what point he or she believes a human gains rights and value.