Pray with JFA - May 2018

Pray for Recent/ Upcoming Events (Partial List): 

Four simultaneous conversations are shown taking place during JFA's outreach event at Colorado State University (CSU) in April 2018.

Pray for wisdom for the team members who plan JFA’s outreach event schedule.  Pray for the health of our trainers that they might keep active in the field.  Pray for each person we train and each person with whom we converse at outreach, that God will kindle new affection in their hearts for women in distress and for the smallest humans on earth. 

  • April 16-17 (Fort Collins, CO):  Kiosk Outreach Event — Colorado State University
  • April 20 (Boulder, CO):  Interactive Workshop — University of Colorado Boulder
  • April 21 (Englewood, CO):  Interactive Seminar — All Souls Catholic Church
  • April 23 (Lakewood, CO):  Interactive Workshop — Colorado Christian University
  • April 23-24 (Denver, CO):  Kiosk Outreach Event — Metropolitan State University
  • April 24 (Boulder, CO):  Kiosk Outreach Event — University of Colorado Boulder
  • April 27 (Wichita, KS):  Classroom Presentations — Bishop Carroll Catholic High School
  • May 19 (Tempe, AZ):  Interactive Workshop — Tempe Public Library
  • June 1 (Wichita, KS):  Interactive Workshop — Private Residence
  • June 6 (La Mirada, CA):  Presentation — Redeemer Church
  • June 7 (Wichita, KS):  Interactive Workshop — Closed Event

Featured Resource - “A Living Room Conversation - Part 2”

Prepare for Conversations (May):

Last month, we encouraged you to read Part 1 of “A Living Room Conversation,” by JFA trainer Grace Fontenot.  In this three-part story, Grace shares her conversation with “Heidi,” a young woman she met, not during an outreach event, but in an everyday-life setting.  This month, we encourage you to read Part 2 of Grace’s story, in which Grace helps Heidi think through the biological evidence that the unborn is a living, human organism from the point of fertilization.  As you read Part 2, you’ll learn several simple questions relating to biology that you can ask in your conversations about the unborn and abortion, and you’ll gain resources for further study.

Conversation Starter - “What _s M_ss_ng?”

Featured Conversation Starter (May):

Use the recent JFA blog post, “What _s M_ss_ng?” to start a conversation in a natural way this month.  The post shows a JFA kiosk sign, presenting a quotation from an article by author and newspaper editor Verlyn Klinkenborg in a mysterious way that invites the viewer to think more deeply about unintended pregnancy and the unborn.  You can use the post to ask a friend, family member, or co-worker, “What do you think is missing after an abortion?” and, “Is the unborn something very similar to you and me, or is the unborn something very different?”