Recent and Upcoming Events - Please Pray

Please pray with us that God will cause hearts and minds to change as a result of conversations created by our staff, volunteers, and audience members:

CA — 5/21-23 — Los Angeles — Seminar and Kiosk Outreach at UCLA

KS — 6/21, 27, 28 — Poll Table Outreach at Wichita State University

Listen Online — 6/22 — Tammy Cook Interview — Culture of Life Radio — www.thehub.nm

VA — 7/7 — Fredericksburg — Workshop at SFLA Wilberforce Program Kickoff — Steve Wagner

MD — 7/20 — Baltimore — Workshop for SFLA Regional Coordinators — Steve Wagner

MN — 9/30 — Chanhassen — Workshop — Steve Wagner

IN, MN, TX, OK — Fall 2017 — Large Exhibit or Ten-Foot Kiosk Outreach Events (Details TBA)

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Featured Resource to Equip Yourself - June

Last month we shared Rebecca Haschke’s letter, “A Lesson in Love — Part 1,” in which a young man named “Sam” was so rude at the start of the conversation that Rebecca nearly gave up talking to Sam altogether.  Despite her inner frustration, Rebecca repeatedly made a choice to love him and was surprised by the conversation that followed.  This month, we are sharing the rest of the story, “A Lesson in Love — Part 2.”  Because of Rebecca’s humility and her willingness to find common ground, Sam opened up about his past.  As you read, notice how choosing to love, even when it was difficult, provided an unexpected opportunity for healing to begin.

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Resources for Friends with Abortion in Their Past.


Featured Conversation Starter - June

You can start a conversation with a friend in a natural way by sharing Joanna Bai’s recent post, “I’ll never know you.  I never got a chance.”  The post features a letter a father wrote to his child and left on a JFA poll table in 2004.  This letter, featured on JFA’s Stop and Think Exhibit, can help both pro-choice and pro-life advocates think more deeply about abortion’s effects and develop greater empathy for women and men dealing with past abortion.  The post, including reflection questions, is intended to be a tool you can use to create a conversation naturally with people of any perspective.  To view the post and share it on social media, use the links below.  If you use this conversation starter, please let us know how it goes!

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About the Making Abortion Unthinkable with JFA Resource Bulletin

For friends of JFA who ask, “What can I do to make abortion unthinkable?” this resource bulletin offers some answers.  Beyond supporting JFA financially, which enables JFA’s trainers and volunteers to create conversations that make abortion unthinkable at JFA’s events, you can PRAY for the conversations the JFA community is creating (including your own), PREPARE for conversations, and START conversations.