Pray with JFA (August)

Pray for wisdom for the team members who plan JFA’s event schedule.  Pray for the health of our trainers that they might keep active in the field.  Pray for each person we train and each person with whom we converse at outreach, that God will kindle new affection in their hearts for women in distress and for the smallest humans on earth. 

  • August 18 (Wichita, KS): Interactive Seminar — St. Mary’s Cathedral

  • August 19 (Wichita, KS): Interactive Workshop — The Mission Church

  • August 27-28 (Wichita, KS): Kiosk Outreach — Wichita State University (WSU)

  • August 26 (Kennesaw, GA): Interactive Seminar — Ratio Christi at Kennesaw State

  • August 27-29 (Kennesaw, GA): Kiosk Outreach — Kennesaw State University

  • August 29 (Kennesaw, GA): Presentation and Open Forum — Ratio Christi

  • September: KS, CO, and OK Events — See link below for details.

  • October: VA, OK, KS, and TX Events — See link below for details.

  • November: OK, KS, and TX Events — See link below for details.

Featured Resource for August: "It's Her Body" Series, Part VI

Last month we featured “It’s Her Body,” Part I of Steve Wagner’s series focused on defenses of abortion which refer to the woman’s body.  This month we’re featuring Part VI of that series (“From a Foundation of Love for Women and Children, We Respond Intellectually to Bodily Rights Arguments”).  In Part VI, Steve outlines a thoughtful response in eight steps, and he includes links to help you prepare for each step of the conversation. 

Featured Conversation Starter for August

Use the recent post, “I Don’t Have the Money,” to start a conversation about unintended pregnancy in a natural way.  This post features a picture and quotation from an Exposures Project on-the-street interview.  You can easily begin your conversation with common ground by expressing sympathy for this woman’s situation.  Most share that sympathy.  Indeed, not having enough money is one of the most common reasons women give for having an abortion.  (For tips on moving the conversation forward from there, see www.jfaweb.org/tott.)