Pray with JFA (September)

Outreach at The University of Kansas (KU) - September 2018

Outreach at The University of Kansas (KU) - September 2018

Pray for Recent and Upcoming Events (Partial List): 

Pray for wisdom for the team members who plan JFA’s event schedule. Pray for the health of our trainers that they might keep active in the field. Pray for each person we train and each person with whom we converse at outreach, that God will kindle new affection in their hearts for women in distress and for the smallest humans on earth.

  • Sept. 23 (Fort Collins, CO): Interactive Seminar — Colorado State University (CSU)

  • Sept. 23 (Lawrence, KS): Interactive Workshop — University of Kansas (KU)

  • Sept. 24-25 (Fort Collins, CO): Kiosk Outreach — Colorado State University (CSU)

  • Sept. 24-25 (Lawrence, KS): Kiosk Outreach — University of Kansas (KU)

  • Oct. 7 (Minneapolis, MN): Interactive Workshop — University of Minnesota (UMN)

  • Oct. 8-9 (Minneapolis, MN): Kiosk Outreach — University of Minnesota (UMN)

  • Oct. 25 (Del City, OK): Interactive Seminar — Christian Heritage Academy

  • Oct. 28 (Norman, OK): Interactive Seminar — Trinity Baptist Church

  • Oct. 29-30 (Norman, OK): Outreach Event — University of Oklahoma (OU)

Featured Resource for September - “What Is the Unborn?” and “What Is Abortion?” Web Pages

Our “What Is the Unborn?” web page features the most important information you can share in conversations to demonstrate that the unborn is a living human being. Our “What Is Abortion?” web page helps viewers wrestle with accurate videos, images, and descriptions of what abortion does to unborn children. Both of these pages is written with the pro-choice reader in mind so you can pass the pages on to start a conversation. Both pages have been recently updated to include new links and information. Take a look!

Featured Conversation Starter for September

Use the recent post, “Liz Harman’s Interview: A Lesson I Didn’t Expect to Learn” to start a conversation about unintended pregnancy and abortion in a natural way. This post features a reflection from JFA Trainer Joanna Bai after a video of a pro-choice philosopher defending abortion was mocked by many viewers when it was posted last year. Note Joanna’s
willingness to say she learned something through the process. Note also the questions she poses at the end of the post to get a conversation started. You can share her experience with a friend to help your friend see that you are interested in different viewpoints and aim to be intellectually honest.