Pray with JFA (October)

Pray for Recent and Upcoming Events (Partial List):

JFA Executive Director, Steve Wagner, talks with students at George Mason University (Oct. 17, 2018).

Our team has been busy in GA, KS, MN, VA, and TX recently, and we’re preparing for upcoming events in OK, MO, CO, and TX. Please pray for the many conversations we’re creating, including the one described in Jeremy Gorr’s letter, “My Mom Wanted to Abort Me.” We thank God for the change Jeremy was able to see take place in Amin’s life.

  • Oct. 7-9 (Minneapolis, MN): Workshop and Kiosk Outreach — University of Minnesota

  • Oct. 17 (Fairfax, VA): Poll Table Outreach — George Mason University

  • Oct. 21 (San Antonio, TX): Workshop — Students for the Right to Life at UTSA

  • Oct. 25 (Del City, OK): Interactive Seminar — Christian Heritage Academy

  • Oct. 28 (St. Louis, MO): Workshops — Respect Life Conference

  • Oct. 28 (Norman, OK): Interactive Seminar — Trinity Baptist Church

  • Oct. 29-30 (Norman, OK): Outreach Event — University of Oklahoma

  • Nov. 11 (Denton, TX): Interactive Workshop — Denton Bible Church

  • Nov. 12 (Denton, TX): Interactive Workshop — University of North Texas

  • TBD (Denton, TX): Outreach Events — TBD

Featured Resource for October - Story: “My Mom Wanted to Abort Me."

In “My Mom Wanted to Abort Me,” Jeremy Gorr shares a story from our recent outreach event at Kennesaw State University. In the conversation, he saw first-hand how a personal story can help open a person’s mind and heart to change. Take note of Jeremy’s approach to the conversation, asking questions and gently challenging Amin to consider a more optimistic perspective. Note also how God caused Ima to be present at precisely the right time with the courage to speak. We’re reminded that we can train Christians in good conversation skills and good arguments, but ultimately we depend completely on God and his work behind the scenes to change hearts and minds.

Featured Conversation Starter for October - "Opposite Poles?"

Use Joanna Bai’s recent post, “Opposite Poles?” to start a conversation in a natural way. This post refers to a recent article by Conor Friedersdorf in which he argues that many people are more similar in their beliefs than at first they appear to be. You can start a conversation with a friend or acquaintance by retweeting or posting to Facebook and asking, “Do you think this writer is correct that many people are not as far apart as the media many times portrays them? I’m interested in seeing if we can agree and work together on some solutions to unintended pregnancy in order to help women and children.”