Pray with JFA

Pray with JFA for “One Person at a Time”: 

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See our November Impact Report titled, “2,017+ Conversations in 2017” for the names of hundreds of people with whom we interacted at our outreach events and in “everyday life” conversations in 2017. We suggest praying slowly through each name, asking God to cause the seeds planted in the heart to bear fruit. Pray for each person to love unborn children and their parents in action. Pray for each person to grow in the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Pray for God’s Provision During the Year-End Giving Period: 

Please pray with us for JFA’s friends, volunteers, and readers, as they consider giving to JFA at the end of 2017 to help JFA train more advocates to create more conversations in 2018. Do you have a friend with whom you would like to share JFA’s mission? Pass along the links below. Are you able to give a gift? Thanks for taking a few minutes to pray about these things with us.

Featured Resource - "See Baby Pregnancy Guide" App

Most people don’t identify with very young unborn children, and consequently, they lack the affection and empathy that would cause them to suffer ridicule or discomfort in order to speak up for them. One of the best ways to help ourselves and others identify with the unborn child, that we might develop affection and empathy for her, is to see the child. There is no better tool for seeing the unborn child than the free “See Baby Pregnancy Guide” app from the Endowment for Human Development (EHD). The app allows you to see clear video images of very young children in the womb. Please use the app and consider giving a gift to EHD to make sure the app continues to be available as a valuable resource for conversations.

Conversation Starter - "See What Baby Jesus Looked Like at 4 Weeks."

To start a conversation about unborn children and Jesus in a natural way during Advent, we suggest sharing the post, “See What Baby Jesus Looked Like at 4 Weeks.” The post includes a link to clear video imagery featuring the unborn child’s heart beating at four weeks and four days (from fertilization). We hope the post will encourage curiosity and conversation about both the unborn child and the incarnation of Jesus.