Pray with JFA (November)

Pray for Recent and Upcoming Events (Partial List):

JFA Intern Kaitlyn Donihue (pink) creates conversation at OU. The signs to her right show content from our new “Invitation to Dialogue” brochure, which is our featured resource as well as our featured conversation starter this month.

Our team has been busy in Oklahoma and Texas these past few weeks, and we just wrapped up events in New Mexico and Maryland. Please pray for the many conversations we’ve had and the Christians we’ve been training for a lifetime of service.

  • Oct. 29-30 (Norman, OK): Outreach Event — University of Oklahoma (OU)

  • Nov. 11 (Denton, TX): Interactive Workshop — Denton Bible Church

  • Nov. 12 (Denton, TX): Interactive Workshop — University of North Texas (UNT)

  • Nov. 13-15 (Denton, TX): Kiosk Outreach Events — University of North Texas (UNT)

  • Nov. 27 (Albuquerque, NM): Interactive Workshop — University of New Mexico (UNM)

  • Nov. 27 (Austin, TX): Panel Discussion — Jeremy Gorr — Texas Students for Life Event

  • Nov. 28 (Wichita, KS): Interactive Workshop — Tammy Cook — SEAS Catholic Church

  • Nov. 28-29 (Albuquerque, NM): Kiosk Outreach Event — University of New Mexico (UNM)

  • Dec. 1 (Pomfret, MD): Keynote & Panel — Steve Wagner — Charles County Right to Life

  • Dec. 5 (Arkansas City, KS): Interactive Workshop — Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Featured Resource for November - New "Invitation to Dialogue" Brochure

Learn to use JFA’s new “Invitation to Dialogue” Brochure in the third section of JFA’s updated “Learn at Home” Program. It features a short script you can use to start a conversation with a friend using the brochure. It also includes a longer script that helps you dig deeper into all of the resources referenced in the brochure. The entire “Learn at Home” Program takes just one hour to complete (followed by a conversation you start with a friend), and this portion of the program takes only 15 minutes!

Featured Conversation Starter for November - New "Invitation to Dialogue" Brochure

Use JFA’s new “Invitation to Dialogue” Brochure to start a conversation with a friend in a natural way. (Click here to download the brochure to your phone or request a paper version.) The brochure begins with an invitation to understand and show concern for women experiencing unintended pregnancy: “Unintended pregnancy is not simple, and it’s not easy.” Then it invites the viewer to consider the question, “Is the unborn a human being with equal rights?” After being warned, the viewer can lift a page to view accurate, graphic images of early abortions, and the brochure asks if the pictures depict a medical procedure or the killing of a human being. Finally, the brochure invites the viewer to explore solutions for unintended pregnancies.