Pray with JFA - December 2017

Pray with JFA for “One Person at a Time”: 

Last month, we published our year-end report, “2,017+ Conversations in 2017,”  featuring names of hundreds of people with whom we interacted in 2017. This month, we suggest using Steve Wagner’s Christmas letter and the JFA photos page as additional aids for reflection and prayer. Pray slowly through each name and picture, asking God to cause the seeds planted in the heart to bear fruit. Pray for each person to love unborn children and their parents in action. Pray for each person to grow in the love of God through Jesus Christ.



Continue to Pray for God’s Provision During the Year-End Giving Period: 

We continue to trust God to provide for JFA. You can help by praying with us and considering a special year-end gift.

Featured Resource - "See Baby Pregnancy Guide" App

Last month, we encouraged our readers to download the “See Baby Pregnancy Guide” app by the Endowment for Human Development (EHD). We’d like to feature the app again, but this time, let’s focus on the heartbeat counter built into the app. Consider Jesus as a 7-week embryo. How many times had his heart beaten by this point? We’re not going to tell you. Find the answer by downloading the app and scrolling to 7 weeks. In addition to the heartbeat count, the app features stunning video of unborn children throughout development. Please use the app and consider giving a gift to EHD to make sure the app continues to be available as a valuable resource for conversations.

Conversation Starter - "See What Baby Jesus Looked Like at 7 Weeks."

Last month, we shared a post to encourage curiosity and conversation about both the unborn child and the incarnation of Jesus (“See What Baby Jesus Looked Like at 4 Weeks”). We thought that for this month the theme is worth emphasizing again, but this time asking the question, “What Did Baby Jesus Look Like at 7 Weeks?” Share the post using the links below. If Christmas has passed when you read this, don’t worry. You can still share the post as a celebration of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”!