Pray with JFA in the New Year

Pray for Our Spring 2019 Events:

Pray for the events we’re working to plan in the following places for the spring. Pray for wisdom on the shape to give the events in each place. Pray that the events will be well-attended and will create thousands of conversations that will change hearts and save lives.

UCLA - May 2016

• Washington, D.C.
• Fairfax, VA
• Lafayette, LA
• Springfield, MO
• Lawrence, KS
• Wichita, KS

• Denton, TX
• Austin, TX
• Houston, TX
• Brookings, SD
• Albuquerque, NM
• Atlanta Area, GA

• Los Angeles, CA
• Denver Area, CO
• Lansing, MI
• Norfolk, NE
• Phoenix, AZ
• Your Town?

Featured Resource for December - Car vs. Polaroid Distinction

Richard Stith has made a distinction between construction of a car and development of a Polaroid photo that can help you understand and illustrate for friends how the unborn child is a human organism from the time of fertilization. You can read his entry-level treatment of this topic, “Arguing with Pro-Choicers” (First Things, Nov. 4, 2006), and his scholarly article, “Construction vs. Development: Polarizing Models of Human Gestation” (Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, 2014), through the link below.

Featured Conversation Starter for December - "The Miraculous Journey" Re-Unveiled in Doha, Qatar

Use the recent re-unveiling of “The Miraculous Journey” in Doha, Qatar to create a conversation about unborn children in a natural way. To help, we’ve posted a link to the photo essay by Penny Yi Wang which she published in 2013 at the original unveiling. Note in our post that we aim to begin the conversation with common ground:

Whatever your views on human development and abortion, can we all agree these amazing pictures show sculptures that are an amazing human feat illuminating an amazing human journey? (Damien Hirst's "The Miraculous Journey" was just re-unveiled last month.)