Recent and Upcoming Events: April - September

Please pray with us that God will cause hearts and minds to change as a result of conversations created by our staff, volunteers, and audience members (partial list):

CO — 4/21-26 — Fort Collins – Seminars and Large Exhibit Outreach (3 Days) at CSU            

CA — 4/22 — Irvine – Presentation at SFLA California Leadership Summit — Steve Wagner

KS — 5/1 — Wichita — Presentations at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School

CA — 5/21-23 — Los Angeles — Seminar and Kiosk Outreach at UCLA

VA — 7/7 — Fredericksburg — Workshop at SFLA Wilberforce Program Kickoff — Steve Wagner

MD — 7/20 — Baltimore — Workshop for SFLA Regional Coordinators — Steve Wagner

MN — 9/30 — Chanhassan — Workshop — Steve Wagner

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Featured Resource to Equip Yourself - May

“Sam” was so rude at the start of his conversation with JFA trainer Rebecca Haschke that she nearly gave up talking to him altogether.  Despite her inner frustration, she repeatedly made a choice to love him and was surprised by the conversation that followed.  Rebecca shared the story in her letter, “A Lesson in Love — Part 1.”  As you read, notice how Rebecca sought to understand Sam, find common ground with him, and humbly share aspects of her own experience.  As pro-life advocates seeking to create good conversations, we should work to master these skills.  (Want to read the rest of the story?  We’ll feature Part 2 of the letter as next month’s free resource.)

Read Part 1 or Download a Printable Version here.

See More Dialogue Examples. 

Featured Conversation Starter - May

You can start a conversation with a friend in a natural way by sharing Steve Wagner’s recent post, “Identifying with Her Uncertain Future.”  The post features a beautiful painting by Mexican artist Saturnino Herrán (from JFA’s Art of Life Exhibit).  The post and painting can help us start a conversation with important points of common ground: Many women who find themselves pregnant are in very difficult situations, they feel that their future is very uncertain, and we need to take this into account by discussing abortion with sympathy and compassion for the women experiencing these things.  To view the painting and share it on social media, use the links below.  If you use this conversation starter, please let us know how it goes!

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About the Making Abortion Unthinkable with JFA Resource Bulletin

For friends of JFA who ask, “What can I do to make abortion unthinkable?” this resource bulletin offers some answers.  Beyond supporting JFA financially, which enables JFA’s trainers and volunteers to create conversations that make abortion unthinkable at JFA’s events, you can PRAY for the conversations the JFA community is creating (including your own), PREPARE for conversations, and START conversations.