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Featured Resource to Equip Yourself - May

“Sam” was so rude at the start of his conversation with JFA trainer Rebecca Haschke that she nearly gave up talking to him altogether.  Despite her inner frustration, she repeatedly made a choice to love him and was surprised by the conversation that followed.  Rebecca shared the story in her letter, “A Lesson in Love — Part 1.”  As you read, notice how Rebecca sought to understand Sam, find common ground with him, and humbly share aspects of her own experience.  As pro-life advocates seeking to create good conversations, we should work to master these skills.  (Want to read the rest of the story?  We’ll feature Part 2 of the letter as next month’s free resource.)

Read Part 1 or Download a Printable Version here.

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Featured Resource to Equip Yourself - April

“What Are the Facts?” is JFA’s easy-to-use resource for answering common questions about how many abortions happen at which stages of pregnancy for which reasons, as well as questions about abortion procedures and the legality of abortion.  This handy summary will both increase your knowledge of the facts and help you find common ground early in your conversations with pro-choice advocates.  JFA intentionally cites neutral or pro-choice sources for the claims made in “What Are the Facts?” to help you share information without putting unnecessary stumbling blocks into the conversation. 

Read or Download a Printable Version here.

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Featured Resource: "What Do You Mean?" (Sept. 2016)

In “What Do You Mean?” (Sept. 2016), Rebecca Haschke described in word-for-word detail how the success of a conversation hinged on one clarification question — a clarification question you can easily learn to use yourself!  Both this one question and Rebecca’s presentation of the Equal Rights Argument throughout the conversation will help prepare you for starting your own conversation using JFA’s “MIA” exhibit panel (below)!

Read online or get a copy by mail (JFA Office: 316-683-6426).

Note: This post is the "Prepare for Conversations" portion of JFA's March 2017 Resource Bulletin.  Click here to see all of JFA's Resource Bulletins.