"Unburied Treasure" Challenges - Hints and Links

This page was initially referred to in JFA's January 2016 "Conversations" Letter entitled, "Unburied Treasure."  See the JFA blog at www.jfaweb.org/blog.

January 2016 Conversations Letter

In the shadow of the Justice For All Exhibit, Ashley found that God was doing a special work in her life, even as he was working through her to bring hope and healing to three others.

Ashley’s story is one of my favorite treasures that we’ve recently “unburied” from JFA’s archives and posted on the JFA website to illustrate how God has used JFA (and in this case the big Justice For All Exhibit) through the years.  Go on a treasure hunt at the following pages:

  • Stories - At JFA’s “Stories” page you can find Ashley’s story, Christina’s story (“Thank you ... you’ve given me my life back.”), Jinny’s story (“…sorry if I was a little harsh on you…Anyways I think I'm keeping the baby!”), and more.
  • The Stories page has sections that are also their own pages. 
    • Dialogue Examples - This is a great place to find over 30 word-for-word accounts of conversations experienced by JFA’s staff and volunteers.  
    • Testimonies - This page features Amanda Coles sharing about a baby she helped save, quotes from our Twitter feed (@trainthousands), and links to many volunteer reflections.
  • Explore Resources - This page allows you to quickly find many of the resources available through JFA’s website for free.

Here are some other great places on the website to check out: 


November 6, 2015 Email

In a 11/6/2015 email to supporters and readers of JFA, we referred to three items of "unburied" treasure on the new JFA website.  Below, we give hints and links (in parentheses) to help you find each item.


More Unburied Treasure Challenges

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